sidetable handcrafted objects, 100% Made In Italy.
sidetable handcrafted objects, 100% Made In Italy.

Temper is an Italian excellence characterized by the handwork of unique pieces, 100% Made In Italy cared for in every detail. Moderna designs and manufactures furniture and furnishing accessories that combine craftsmanship and tradition with a modern and contemporary taste.
Temper believes in the value of the unique piece: Temper products are entirely handmade with great care and attention to the final result. Temper transforms the material into real design objects.

The attention to the design and the material treated makes each realization of Temper a unique product, durable and personalized on the customer.
Each product, according to the needs, is conceptually studied together with the designer or the contact person, in order to satisfy every practical and aesthetic need and give each setting a touch of originality and Italian style.
The handmade decoration of iron requires manual skill and precision as well as technical artistic skills: each Temper creation allows to dare, amaze and excite, always paying attention to enhance the harmony of the context and the environment in which the work is inserted.
This is how objects with a unique cut are born, characterized by an eccentric aesthetic and able to give character and personality to settings of all types: private residences, luxury retail, hospitality and any design environment.
Temper – carefully handcrafted objects made in Italy